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My department has been seeing an increase in computer and Internet related crimes, including ID theft, child pornography, sexual predators and pedophiles. Your presentation explained some very technical terms in language that we could understand. With computer and Internet related crimes on the increase, I would highly recommend this presentation to other law enforcement officials. Please feel free to use this as a testimony for your services.

Chief S. Riffel (Retired)
City of Sheboygan Falls Police Department
and Director of Public Safety

Curt has “rescued” me from many system-related issues over the last 10 years or so. His knowledge of “security-related” issues has allowed me to be more “proactive” in preventing problems, but also been there for me for both big and small issues as they have come up. I am a solo business owner and having confidence in Curt and having him there for me as my “external IT Director” has allowed me to focus my attention on my business. I’d recommend placing your trust in him for any systems-related questions you may have. His knowledge and expertise is amazing.

L. Bock-Pinkerton
Minneapolis, MN
If you need expert advise concerning computer issues Curt is the person to call. He is knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and always ready to deal with the issue at hand. The average person with a home computer needs someone like Curt to work through the variety of problem situations that arise. For almost 5 years Curt has been the go to person when something concerning the computer isn’t working the way it should. He has helped in the purchase of new equipment, setting up the computer for zoom access, straightening out email glitches and the many other numerous problem areas that have popped up. As one not computer savvy, when issues arise, I need someone who knows what to do to fix the problem and Curt is the person I call. He is always there to help and the experience has always been positive.
B. Endlich
Appleton, WI

Thank you for your help in researching the company that tried to defraud us, and for finding out that a dialer program was installed on our computer without our knowledge. When we were billed over $200 for telephone calls (at $5 / minute) to an adult website, and we had all of those pornography pop-up ads, we figured we had a problem with our computer. We are so grateful that you were able to clean up our computer and get it secured. We also want to thank you for your helping us contact the Attorney Generals of the states involved. It is good to know that WI, 12 other states and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) are suing that company for consumer fraud. Thanks again for all of your help!

F. & T. Berg
Appleton, WI

My husband tours with Broadway shows. He relies on his laptop for business and personal communications when he’s on the road. When he got the “blue screen of death” on his machine, Curt was able to find the problem, fix the glitch, and get the machine back to us in a very short time frame. His prices are reasonable and the preventative maintenance package he provided has saved us from any further problems. I’ve recommended Curt to many people over the past few years and everyone has been very satisfied.

K. Ross-Clausen
Appleton, WI

Mr. Esser has been a big attribute in my business growth and success. With the evolution of the Internet and Esser Consulting, Curt has blanketed my personal and professional life with the tightest Internet privacy and security.

G. Wascher
Appleton, WI

Computers are like cars. They need regular and preventative maintenance. That’s what we preach to our customers. The better you take care of them, the longer they will last for you. Thank you for maintaining our computers!!

L. Brundridge, Autotrust
Appleton, WI

Curt was able to provide me with data recovery services and a recommendation for a cost-effective data backup solution to ensure I don’t need data recovery services again. He is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him.

C. Novak
Appleton, WI

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